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I have had colon hydrotherapy treatments elsewhere in the past but “I had an amazingly positive experience at Exodus Colon Hydrotherapy Centre with Elizabeth. I feel great!!


I’ve always believed in preventative healthcare and colon hydrotherapy is one method for completing this important lifelong goal. As a person suffering from digestive and intestinal sensitivities; I found the service at Exodus Colon Hydrotherapy Centre my best experience since beginning such treatments years ago!! Treatments ensure that my intestinal health is on track with the rest of my health regime and enable my living a full, active and healthful life.

Catherine, Port Coquitlam

For me the results are in or I should say out. Colon hydrotherapy is a must for a healthy life. It is a bit silly but people just don’t talk about their colons. Therefore this vital part of our bodies that needs attention is often ignored. I was fortunate to find out that Colon Hydrotherapy (a best kept secret) is an excellent and safe form of treatment for so many things that ail us in life.

I could tell from the very first treatment experienced that I had made a good decision to come see Elizabeth. She is professional, caring, knowledgeable and comforting. She has done everything in her practice to make the therapy something a client can look forward to.

I included (a must and so happy I did) the Toxin Cleansing Box in the course of therapy and with this combination my energy has soared, my senses are more alive and everything is running the way it should now. Kind of like a car that needs an oil change and tune up even though it looks ok on the outside it is about to crash on the inside. After the 2nd treatment of five in total I literally felt like a new person.

Beauty comes from looking after the inside so your outside can be at its best. After all most diseases come from what you can’t see and are brewing beneath your skin. A longer and healthier life comes from what you can do to look after your inner physical self. This is exactly what Elizabeth and Colon Hydrotherapy provides to grateful patients like me.
Thank you Elizabeth for your excellence in health care!!

National Accounts Strategic Manager

As a professional music artist my career allows me to travel to various destinations around the globe. Yes, my life can be glamorous and adventurous but my body was starting to feel the effects of the cosmic travelling. I was also indulging in the plethora of cultural foods. The late nights and lack of sleep and poor dietary habits were some contributing factors to the symptoms I was experiencing; insomnia, lack of energy, fatigue, disconcerting intestinal issues. “I was definitely strumming at a different beat.”

Several buddies highly recommended colon hydrotherapy. They are huge advocates of this ancient therapy but I had some serious reservations about trying it.

I finally decided to give it a try even though I had some trepidation. Elizabeth is professional and caring; she made me feel at ease and relaxed. I completed a personalized program which comprised of a series of treatments in conjunction with an oral herbal detox cleanse.

I started feeling better even after my second treatment! Colon hydrotherapy is a valuable therapy. My experience at Exodus Colon Hydrotherapy was exceptional. I will be following a maintenance program to keep myself in peak performance.

Professional Musician

I have suffered from constipation and gas pain for many years. As a side effect I have had frequent gout attacks. After having been cleaned out for 5 times a miraculous change has occurred. I have achieved regularity and no more gas pain. Gout attacks have been reduced to almost nothing. I have much more energy as ever before. It is now up to myself to maintain the good result by eating more healthy food, drink more water and exercise more than I did before.

Thank you,

Svend, Maple Ridge

My experience with colon hydrotherapy is very positive and pleasant as I sense my well being enhanced already.


Elizabeth has an amazing energy. I can tell how passionate she is about her business… her clients are lucky!


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