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“Our abilities unveil our destiny. Success is not defined by position or pay scale but by doing the most with what we do best and to never discount the smallness of our deeds.”
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Elizabeth Mazzei, NBCHT, Instructor

Elizabeth Mazzei holds the highest qualifications in her field as a National Board Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and Instructor. Elizabeth is Certified with I-ACT.

She is a member of the following Associations:

  • I-ACT International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy
  • A.N.N. Academy For Naturopaths and Naturotherapist
  • NHP Natural Health Practitioners of Canada
  • HANS Health Action Network Society

Elizabeth has journeyed through both conventional and alternative medicine. She is highly skilled and trusted with over 20 years experience in the health field.

In the early 1980’s Elizabeth worked in various departments alongside numerous specialists - Cardiologist and Proctologists/Surgeons - Colorectal Specialist at a McGill University teaching hospital in Montreal Quebec. She values her experience in the conventional health field and has immense gratitude for the skills and knowledge that she acquired. She strongly believes it was the catalyst for what lay ahead.

Elizabeth is committed to collaborating with both conventional and alternative healthcare professionals. Her vision is to incorporate all aspects of health and well-being to restore and maintain superior health. Elizabeth is optimistic that this paradigm of health will be joined by all healthcare practitioners in the future.

Elizabeth has continually expanded her education in health and also offers other therapies; a harmonious adjunct to Colon Hydrotherapy.

Education and Professional Development: Credentials

An avid pursuer of education and interest in health and wellness launched her to pursue the following credentials to complement her healthcare background.

  • (I-ACT) Foundation Level
  • (I-ACT) Intermediate Level
  • (I-ACT) Advanced Level
  • (I-ACT) Instructor Level
  • Fitness Knowledge
  • Weight Training Instructor
  • Phlebotomy
  • Hot and Cold Stone Therapy Level II
  • Raindrop Technique I
  • Raindrop Technique II
  • Applied Vita Flex
  • Healing Oils Of The Bible
  • Essential Oil Chemistry
  • Emotional Release With Essential Oils

She continually stays current with the latest new developments and advancements in her field through continuing education and attending various conferences and seminars.


Elizabeth Mazzei is responsive to the community for health education. As an advocate she fosters and heightens people’s awareness on digestive/intestinal health through knowledge, experience and education. She gives regular talks and has been invited to speak at local organizations and businesses.

About Exodus Colon Hydrotherapy

Elizabeth is the founder and owner of Exodus Colon Hydrotherapy established in 2003 conveniently located within Westgate Wellness an integrated and multi-disciplinary wellness clinic in Maple Ridge.

Elizabeth’s philosophy is to provide a holistic approach to wellness. She passionately believes that this includes not only the physical but emotional and spiritual as well. Professionalism, warmth, integrity and support are provided at all times.

Exodus exudes a harmonious and unique ambiance. A tranquil and soothing environment enables clients to calm the mind, balance the emotions and bring the body into total relaxation.

Exodus Colon Hydrotherapy places emphasis on achieving, establishing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle through; cleansing, detoxification, prevention, proper nutrition and regular exercise.

Elizabeth’s caring, gentle and insatiable passion to help others has taken her as far away as Africa (Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Zambia).

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